1. Images from the Rose City Comic Con 2014 Costume Contest.

  2. chaoticcuriosity:

    So I’ve been playing around with photos all day for my shop  And realized I never showed you Groot!  This is the Groot I made for my Rocket costume for rosecitycomiccon.  Ain’t he cute?!

    So cute!!



    It’s kind of hard to believe that RCCC was last weekend already??? Where does the time go? We’ve fully recovered now, and we wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone involved in RCCC this year.

    Thank you to our attendees, exhibitors, guests, henchmen, staff, and everyone else who was at the con or contributed to it in some way.

    And thank you for posting your pics from the convention! We (the RCCC on-site social media team) were running around all weekend trying to take pictures of all the things and post them, but inevitably we missed some awesome stuff. So thank you for sharing! We’ll reblog them all so everyone else can see how awesome the con was.

    It may only be year three of RCCC but it was pretty darn amazing, wasn’t it? Thank you everyone!! :D

    Oh! And if you have any follow-up questions, feedback, or other stuff you want to tell us just send us an Ask!


  5. whynotjon:

    Wow. rosecitycomiccon was great this year. There was a big turnout, lots of cosplay, great vendor booths, amazing artists and authors present, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. One area in particular made the weekend particularly great for me and is why I think it was the best…

    Thank you for your writeup! We’re glad you thought our con was awesome.

  6. amerystudios:

    Awesome cosplays at rosecitycomiccon 2014! What a lovely weekend :)

    Credit: Fem!Eleven with a fez!:

    As always, message me for credit, or just to say hi!

  7. mjolnerding:

    It’s like a Guardians of the Galaxy edition of “Where’s Waldo?” at rosecitycomiccon.

    Star-Lord: mjolnerding [FB]
    Rocket Raccoon: SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME, I never got contact info.


  8. talkingbreakfast:

    (As seen on BuzzFeed.)


    1. Artist draws one panel using a whiteboard.
    2. Artist can ONLY see the previous panel.
    3. Weirdness ensues.
    4. The final artist gets to see ALL the previous panels to help wrap up the story.



    (Illustrated by Aubrey Aiese)


    (Illustrated by


  9. portland-spn:

    We had an amazing time at the Rose City Comic convention in Portland Oregon this past weekend. We want to thank rosecitycomiccon for being great hosts with a wide range of panels and vendors to enjoy.

    Also, a big thanks to those in the Portland SPN family members who ran panels, had vendor…

    Thank you for being a part of the con! :D

  10. carmenquinn:

    More venture brothers photos from rosecitycomiccon courtesy of chaosneverwhere! Go team venture