1. Special Guest Announcement:

    • Leila del Duca (The artist on Image Comic’s Shutter, with writer Joe Keatinge. She also draws The Pantheon Project, written by Erik Taylor and published by Action Lab later this year. Leila has also worked on Deadskins, a zombie western for Fried Comics, and Escape From Terra, for Big Head Press. She has also art directed the Denver-based literary and arts magazine, Cellar Door) assortedfoliage
    • Joe Keatinge (The writer of Image, Marvel and DC Comics titles including Shutter, Tech Jacket, Glory, Adventures of Superman, and Marvel Knights: Hulk. Keatinge was also the Executive Editor of Eisner and Harvey award-winning Image Comics anthology, Popgun, and the Courtney Taylor-Taylor penned One Model Nation. Keatinge, based out of the Portland comics studio, Tranquility Base, also writes for the premiere French-language magazine on American comics: Comic Box) joekeatinge
    • Jamie S. Rich (An author of both comics and prose, his recent work includes A Boy and A Girl, Madame Frankenstein, Dark Horse Presents, The Double Life of Miranda Turner, It Girl! and the Atomics, Creepy, and Spell Checkers)
    • Brandon Seifert (Writer of Witch Doctor, Spirit of the Law, Disney Kingdoms: Seekers of the Weird, Doctor Who, Hellraiser: The Road Below, and co-writer of Hellraiser: The Dark Watch with Clive Barker) brandonseifert

    Find out more about the rest of our guests and buy tickets.

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